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Art, insanity, freedom, philosophy, language, music, literature and trees. One thing was certain, that the white kitten had had nothing to do with it.

Oriental tiger stripes

Oriental tiger stripes

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Take ten steps to stop racism

10 Ways White People Can Fight Everyday Racism


Affable turning to finite

and not a trace of profit from the whole affair.

A newsreader of our dally would read aloud the bored words

from beyond the camera lens:

‘She describes an intense period of sexual activity followed by stress and then pain.’

I remember our affinity like I do the traces of stuck porridge

lining my bowl:

remnant, saddened, hardening to brittle spikes.

I remember your return, it sits congealed


behind my eyes.


Hopelessly Devoted (to my Fuckboi)


To the tune of ‘Hopelessly Devoted To You’, from Grease


Guess mine is not the first heart broken

These eyes are not the first to cry

I’m not the first that’s been

Lectured on Kendrick’s vocals.


‘You know you’re just a fool who’s willing

To let him lead you on

He still texts his ex-‘ -But

It’s that or binge on Game of Thrones

I’m hopelessly addicted to sex.


But now I’m always on my knees

Since you told me I was mature for my age

I’m always giving head

Hopelessly devoted to you

Hopelessly devoted to my fuckboi

Hopelessly devoted to fuckbois.


My friends are saying ‘fool, forget him.

He hates his mum and wears ironic hats.

He doesn’t respect you!’

But I don’t want to sleep alone

Canberra winters are so cold.


But now I’m falling behind

Since he said didn’t want to put a label on us


I’m starting to fail uni

What happened to my GPA of 6

This fuckboi is ruining my degree

‘You could to on Tinder again’

(I’m) hopelessly devoted to fuckbois

Hopelessly devoted to …. sex.






I’ve never given up on you.

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Ma Zihui and Liu Xingyu from Dalian

Sexual brutality by first-class citizens

Survivors of Wartime Rape are Refusing to be Silenced

Dawn 旦

This is not a new day

nor rising light

nor anything resembling a beginning, rather

I sometimes think of you

without hope for clear sight.

I still, I still, I still crave

the half-forgotten warmth.

Billy Brownless and the ‘wallet’

Why Women are not Wallets

A useful guide to distinguishing women from wallets, cars, popcorn and parrots.


The chickens had been let out of their dirt yard and were ranging around the flowerbeds. The morning sun was making white dapples on the long slippery green leaves of the agapanthus plants that lined the spiderwebbed cumquat tree.

I saw that sleek white Henrietta was taking a piggy-back on Bertha, a bigger hen whose feathers are such a deep shade of barn red that at dusk they appear black. She was slight enough to be riding around as an invalid as the dark hen pecked at the black soil around the buttercups. Bertha did seem to mind and yet was visibly weighed down by the white chicken. Was Henrietta ill, had her legs stopped working or was she just enjoying the feeling of motion while not having to expend any effort to achieve it?

Eventually she slid off. It was not clear whether the dark hen had unbalanced her deliberately or whether she’d slipped, but there she lay on the ground, half on the paved path, half on grass, for several minutes while I wondered whether she would get up or lie there until she died.

After a moment she got unsteadily to her feet as if she had forgotten how to use her legs after so long spent sitting prone on her dark sister. She took a few steps.


What was full of life

is like that still; must be;

so others appear to say; but for me the fullness of things has dwindled.

A clamp on my throat,

a falling of thought into slow ruin.

Sun sheds hot air on pavement;

students drink coffee to think stupid things faster;

play at politics and vomit up the night in the morning.

Time is ageless; thoughts age us.

Bow-backed they crouch with me at the window

as the light fades.